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Making use of our solid expertise in finance, investment and ship trading, we offer attractive project financing scheme for new building vessels. If you are from non-Japanese shipping company, you can still benefit from our scheme as bareboat charterer, PROVIDED your vessel is to be built by a Japanese builder.

What is JSIF scheme ? How it works ?

JSIF scheme is a project-finance based scheme where a shipping company is to bareboat charter a vessel owned by a special purpose company (SPC) set up by JSIF with investment from the shipbuilder and/or other involved parties. Click the slide below to go to the next one (total 2 slides).
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    Caption Text

  • JSIF to establish a SPC to own the ship (one SPC per ship)
  • SPC to place an order for the ship from a Japanese shipbuilder
  • Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and/or other financial institutions will be senior lenders, after due credit check of overseas shipping company
  • The ship will be chartered out to the shipping company with a long-term bareboat contract and sold at maturity to repay the debt and equity
  • Combination of senior loan by JBIC/banks with equity by shipbuilder facilitates the project's development and realization

JSIF's assignment

JSIF, as facilitator of the deals, will

  • establish SPC's
  • arrange and coordinate the financing scheme
  • manage the fund and daily operations
image on top : Sasebo Heavy Industries, Co., Ltd. Sasebo Main Works
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You will find out some of the key facts about JSIF here.
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